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Knitting instructions (EN)

Syntax                                                        Explanation

1-4999              Knitting program line numbers (from 1000 up to all spaces and tabs will be suppressed)

1000-4999        Knitting program or jacquard line numbers

«                       Carriage direction to the left

»                       Carriage direction to the right

<>                    Optional carriage direction

/                        Separation between the systems Separation between the front/rear systems

YG:n/n;             Yarn feeder basic position (n=l-6)

Y:n;                  Yarn feeder indication n(0-6)

Y:#n;                 Indirect yarn feeder indication Y:n(2/3)m(5/3);     Feeder repeats with bracket information

                         E.g.: feeder 2/3 n times and 5/3 m times

S:...;                 Knitting instructions

DI.                   Direct selection: I=selection, . =no selection, 12 needles max knit

R                     All needles selection

F                     All needles tuck

0                     All needles miss-knit. "0=Zero"

:F                     Tuck with needle cam

:FH                 Tuck with high butt needles

<l-2+3->         Jacquard areas decrease and increase n(n=l-8).  To decrease - To increase +

A.YT*I+B       Jacquard-symbols, symbol brings needle knitting into

GHOWZ          the R-Position

X                     Trasparence symbol

N Symbol       Symbols written after N are not selected, but all other symbols are. E.g.: S:A-NA;

% Symbol        Symbols written after % move needles to F-Position UVS Symbol        Transfer to the front

U^S Symbol    Transfer to the rear

UXNn-m         Transfer to the rear/front simultaneously:

                         n=Transfer to the rear

                         m=Transfer to the front

U^ Symbol       Leave transfer stitch on transfer jack: E.g.: U^A*

LNCU) (V<1)  The needle-bed racks 1 needle to the left (then at the carriage reversal points back again)

V<n                  Rear needle-bed racks n needles to the left

V>n                  Rear needle-bed racks n needles to the right

VO                   Rack to position 0 (ground position)

VRn                 Rack right to position n

VLn                 Rack left to position n

V#                   Half racking in this course

VJA^1            The jacquard selection on the rear begins at the first needle always, irrespective of the racking

                        (normal setting after START)

VJA^0            On the rear the jacquard selection remains stationary relative to the front bed, despite of the racking position

NPn-m            Stitch cam position n,m (1-4)

NP0                Stitch cam high lock front

NP-0               Stitch cam high lock rear

NP0-0             Stitch cam high lock front/rear

WO                 Stop the take-down

ML                 Machine at low speed (one row)

ML1               Machine at low speed, switch ON

ML0               Machine at low speed, switch OFF

MS                 Machine Stop

Tl                   Transfer system 1

S1                   Knitting system 1

S2                   Knitting system 2

T2                   Transfer system 2 (LNCU)

()                    Brackets to repeat informations

                       E.g.: Y:10(2/3)6(l/4);

;                      End of an instruction sequence always after ":"

C                    Commentary !NO comments in jacquard!


1000-4999      Line numbers to knit or for jacquard JA1-JA8       Jacquard 1 to 8.

                       E.g.:  JA1=1012(1002-1012)  It selects  the lines 1002 to 1012 as the sector from where the

                       departure line 1012 must start  It is possible to define max 8 differents JA

FA-FZ             Pattern fields A to Z and 0 to 9  They define a F0-F9part of the PA

PA:...;             Pattern pack arrangement

PKV:...;          Pattern correction front

PK^:...;          Pattern correction rear

PM:...;           Transmit the pattern to the Machine The PM can be done without creating PA:

Allowed instructions in PM:




N                   miss-knit

S                    knit

X                    does not change the background when overlapping is not allowed in PM

< >                 repeat to end

<x n>               repeat to n

n(x)                  repeat n times the expression in brackets

:                       tabulator/starting point

A.YT*I+BGHOWZ      Jacquard symbols

X                      When overlaying the background will not be altered

N                      No selection. In PA: JA: and PM: it does not allow the needles selection

S                       Always selected

. ..$                   Union-signe when the JA: line is over 128 symbols

$...$                  Continuation of more than 2 lines

$...                    END of the line

START             Program START

END                Program END

RBEG*RSn(l-19)       Cycle START, times cycle counter n(l-19)

RBEG*n          Cycle START, n times (n=number, cycle counter or counter)

REND             Cycle END  RBEG END

REP*RSn(l-19)    Repeat start times cycle counter n(l-19)

REP*n              Repeat n times (n=number, cycle counter or counter)

REPEND          Repeat END GOTOn         Go to line n

GOSUBn          Carry out line n then continue with next line

GOSUBn-m      Carry out line n-m then continue with next line

GOSUBn*x      Carry out line n x times (x=number, cycles counter or counter) and continue with the next line

GOSUBn-m*x    Carry out line n-m x times (x=number, cycles counter or counter) and continue with the next line


IF<Condition>       IF condition is filled, it goes on with the otherpart of the line

IFN<Condition>    IF condition is NOT filled, it does not go on with the other part of the line

IF #1>#2         IF decision

>                      greater than

<                      less than equals

< >                  not equal

= >                  equal to or greater than

< =                  less than or equal to

+                     Addition          E.g.:#ll=#10+7

-                      Subtraction       E.g.:#7=#10-2

*                      Multiplication    E.g.:#10=#11*3

/                       Division          E.g.:#8=#103/4

EVEN#n          Counter n contains only even number values, rounds

off EVEN4#n   Counter n contains only 4 divisible number values, round off

ZOFF               Switch CTRL-Z OFF(cancels CTRL-Z This command is annulled by END)

ZON                 Switch CTRL-Z ON(back to normal after START)

PRINT xxxxx    1. This is to have comments on the screen when the program line is reached

                         2. It is possible, also, to use counters and haveinternal translation.

                          E.g.: Print JA1=#127       Piece counter=#100

                          on the screen you see:   JA1=1100                   Piece counter=#123

<Y>                  Only for ANVH-1 (will start FDF functions like Hole A6)

!A5                    Direct input of function holes (only for pungers of striker bos, feeders, racking and special key)

                          THERE IS NO control for possibility or needle control (!!ATTENTION needle breakage)

                          A5,A6,A7,A8 B1,B2,B3,B4,B5,B6,C1,C2,C3,C4,C5,C6,C7,C8 D1,D2,D3,D4,D5,D6,D7,D8

                          E1,E2,E3,E4,E5,E6,E7,E8 F2,F3,F4,F5,F6,F7 G2,G3,G4,G5,G6,G7 M1,M2,M3,M4,M5,M6 N1,N2,N3,N4,N5,N6




#l-#99                Memories available for any use #l-#49 set to 0 on START

#50-#99             remain unchanged

#100=ST(PC)    Piece counter will be decreased after END

#101=RS1         Cycle counter 1

#119=RS19       Cycle counter 19

#121                  Actual total cycles numbers

#122                  Actual cycles numbers to do

#123                  The current program line number

#124                  Carriage direction: <=1;>=0

#125                  Automatic traverses counter

#126                  Automatic rounds counter

#127                 Current JA1 line number

#134                 Current JA8 line number

#135                 Counter of rounds for the last fully finished piece

#136                 Not used

#137                 # machine gauge 1

#138                 Needles quantity in the M/C

#139                 Not used


Wn-m               Repeat line on the input unit

WLn-m            Repeat line on the printer

W#n-m             Print out jacguard depacked on the input unit

WL#n-m          Print out jacguard depacked on the printer

W#-                  Repeat everything depacked after the first line number after 999

Cn-m,A,B        Change the first A of the line to B

Cn-m,,A            Insert A at the beginning of the line

Pn-m,A,B         Change all A to B

An-m,A            Add A onto line END

En-m                Delete line

EALL               Delete everything

Mx>y               Line x is repeated on line y   E.g. M60>200

Mx-y>z            Lines x-y are repeated from line z The spacing of lines x-y is maintained        E.g. M60-70>200

Mx-y>z*n        Lines x-y are repeated n times from line z

                         E.g.: M60-70>200*2 PR         Read in punched tape

PRS                  Read in punched tape with slow speed (faulty reader damper)

PRNC               Read in punched tape NC jacguard from line 4999 rise 1 (of pattern area) partially compressed (punching

                          gives A symbol, not punching gives.)

PP                     Punch current line

PP-                    Punch a tape from the complete input

PPx-y                Punch a tape from line x to line y

PPRS                Punch all active cycle counters (can be saved again with PR)

TP                    Test-Program (before SO) This command shows all lines on the screen.

SP                    Start the Program, switch the memory protection ON

SPn                  Start the Program on line n, switch the memory protection ON

SPF                  Start the Program and fix it on the first knitting row

SPFn                Start the Program on line n and fix it there

S1                     Memory protection ON

SO                    Memory protection OFF

END                 Switch keyboard OFF

Ctrl S                Interrupt the text output

Ctrl Q               Continue the text output

Ctrl A                Stop the text output or tape punching Switch the keyboard ON Switch the text output over to the input unit

Ctrl Z                The machine makes automatically a restart on a new piece when the following conditions have been met:

                         1.Racking in basic position

                         2.Yarn carriers in start position

                         3.Carriage direction provides for a new start

Ctrl W              Current knitting pattern interruption

The other cycles are knitted as programmed

RS1                  Display the contents of cycle counter 1


RS19                Display the contents of cycle counter 19

RS?                  Display the cycle counters 1-19

RSl=n               Set cycle counter 1 on number n

RS19=n            Set cycle counter 19 on number n

PC                     Indication of Piece Counter setting (with ST or CP is the same)

PC=n                Setting of Piece Counter (with ST or CP is the same)

VP                    Display the current racking position

 VP=n                Setting the current racking position

VP=n                Setting the current racking position

BY                    Display the available memory (2047)

BR=300            Setting the speed of data transmission Can only be done on the machine's keyboard! E.g.: BR=300(LA/34)

                          BR=2400(LA/100/120) BR=9600(VT/100 screen)

                          More possibilities  BR=120/600/1200/4800

LPRINT            Possibility to give printer control command from keyboard (via direct or function key)

CLS                  Clear the screen

TX                    Change the indication between 80 and 132 symbols per line (only AMPEX and QUME)

T                      Display on the monitor values indication

L[n]                  Indication of width of given jacquard line

Y                       Indication of YG position and of yarn-guide actual position

VER                 Give the Operating System version

SD                    Give the knitting instructions

#                       Give the computer #1-#100

F                       Give all Field

JA                     Indication of all actual JA: position (JA1-JA8)

PA                     Indication of the actual PA: in the knitting program

PAV                  Indication of the PA: how the symbols are distributed in the machine (front)

PA^                  Indication of the PK^: how the symbols are distributed in the machine (rear)

PK^                  Indication on PA correction back

PKV                 Indication on PA correction front

PM                   Indication of the actual PM in the knitting program

PMV                Indication of the actual PM how the symbols are distributed in the machine (front)

PM^                Indication of the actual PM (rear)

COPY              Copy any tape with the puncher without check the contents

LOCK             Switch the keyboard OFF Access is possible again only after giving a password

ML                  Machine at low speed (one row)

ML1                Machine at low speed, till START

ML0                Speed from keyboard

MS                  Machine STOP on the left

BRK                Interruption in the actual test-program

CONT             Continue test-program after BRK

S                     Test of the next line (line by line)

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