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CNCA -3KT. Programming manual.(Chapter 3)

The first line, from which a jacquard information is taken is line 1208.

The colour symbol sequence is './A/Y'. The jacquard runs between lines 1200-1216 inclusive.

In line 135: 'S: <1->:

<1-> means: reduce the jacquard lines from jacquard diagram 1, or 'turn' the jacquard 1 to the next lower line. The start and end lines of the input jacquard diagram (1200-1216) are automatically controlled by Sintral.

The machine will therefore knit the jacquard lines in the following sequence:

1208,1206,1204,1202,1200,1216,1214,1212,1210,1208,1206 etc., until the stipulated '100 rounds' are completed.

<1+> would "turn forwards" the jacquard 11, thus using the rising line numbers.

The jacquard motif would be knitted mirrored upwards vertically.

(1208,1210,1212,1214,1216,1200 etc.)

A jacquard motif is thus typed with line numbers. The instruction 'JA1=1208(1200-1216)' fixes the first line, with which the start will be knitted (1208) and defines the start and end line numbers of the motif (1200-1216).

The knitting instructions 'S: <l->,-R/A-R/Y-R;' "turns" the jacquard 1 "backwards", also it is determinned in which row sequence the symbols shall be knitted (./A/Y).

If the jacquard motif should be increased in height, it is sufficient to insert a few lines, example:

1200 ....A....

1202 ...AYA...

1204 ..AY.YA..

1206 .AY.A.YA.


1208 AY.AYA.YA


1210 .AY.A.YA.

1212 ..AY.YA..

1214 A..AYA..A

1216 AA..A..AA

If the pattern is to be reduced, then single lines are erased. Otherwise nothing is needed to be altered.

With the insertion or erasure of lines you have the possibility to alter patterns direct on the machine. If a pattern is as you wish it, then punch the tape.


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