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CNCA -3KT. Programming manual.(Chapter 3)

Jacquard diagram No.1

1200 ....A....

1202 ...AVA...

1204 ..AY.YA..

1206 .AY.A.YA.

1208 AY.AYA.YA

1210 .AY.A.YA.

1212 ..AY.YA..

1214 A..AYA..A

1216 AA..A..AA

If this jacquard pattern is now Knitted as a 3 colour jacquard, then the Knitting instruction is:

135<<S:.-R/A-R/Y-R; Y:2/3/4; T1 S1 S2

140>> T1 S1 S2

T1 Knits symbol therefore, the ground colour with feeder 2

51 Knits symbol ’A’ the first contrast colour with feeder 3

52 Knits symbol. 'Y' the second contrast colour with feeder 4

The systems Knit the given jacquard symbol on the front, but R-R on the rear.

The instruction has not yet been given of which jacquard lines are to be used for the pattern. For this input there is a simple solution in Sintral.

Sintral treats the definition of jacquard diagrams as a unit.

With it Sintral can, for example, make the jump back from the last to the first jacquard information automatically.


100 JA1=1208(1200-1216] C JACQUARD DIAGRAM .1

The jacquard diagram 1 is defined by JA1=1208 is the line on which we begin C1200 is the first line of the jacquard motif -1216] is the last line of the jacquard motift

If 100 rounds of this pattern are tn be knitted, then the following input is enough:

100 JA1=1208(1200—1216)

125 REP*100 C100 REPEATS = 100 ROUNDS

135<<S:<1->.-R/A-R/Y-Rj Y:2/3/4; T1 S1 S2

140>>                                              T1 S1 S2



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