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CNCA -3KT. Programming manual.(Chapter 2)

Racking instructions

130 <<S:R-0;                    Y:2/5;         VR1       S1   S2

VR1    means:              rack to the right on to position 1

V0       means:              rack on to the ground position (0=zero)

VL       means:              rack to the left on to position (VL1, VL2, VL3)

VR      means:              rack to the right on to position (VR1, VR2, VR3)

Racking instructions will not be carried out, if the rack is already on this position.

Racking instructions must be made before the "T1 SI S2" instruction

Allowable racking instructions are also:

V<l rack to the left over 1 needle (V<1, V<2, V<3)

V>1 rack to the right over 1 needle (V>1, V>2, V>3)

Half rack

V# means half rack Example:

130 S:DT.-D.I;  Y:2/5;  V#    V0  SI  S2

Machine low speed


60<< S:R-R; Y:2/5;   ML  S1  S2

Ml means machine low speed in this row

Machine STOP


60<<S:R-R;   Y;2/5;   MS   S1    S2

MS means machine STOP

When the machine is stopped in this way, there appears on the display "—STOP—" and the "ABCD" stop motion indicator lamp comes on.

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