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CNCA -3KT. Programming manual.(Chapter 2)


100 << R-R/R-0/0-R;           Y:          2/5/6;        T1    S1  S2

105 >>                                                                T1    S1  S2

A "repeating cycle" of a knitting instruction can contain more instructions, than what is necessary for one knitting row. This applies to knitting instructions Sas well as for the yam feeder instruction Y:....;.


100 S:R-R/R-R/R-0/0-R; Y: 10 (4/4/3) 10(5/1/1);

110 REP*20  C  REPeat 20 times

115 <>                                                                       T1  S1  S2


Line 100: Y: 10 (4/4/3) 10(5/1/1); means: knit 10 rows with Yarn feeders 4/4/3, then 10 rows with feeders 5/1/1.

The whole instructions knit one block stripe, 10 rows with feeders 4/4/3,

10 rows with feeders 5/1/1 in the "stitch formation" R-R/R-R/R-0/0-R.


A knitting instruction always begins with S; and must end with an thus (S: front-rear/front rear;).

Direct selection knitting

S: DI.-0; knits on the front needle bed on each 2nd needle thus: I.I.I.I.I.I.I. etc. and rear OUT

D means: Direct selection of needles over the total needle space

I means: Needle selected

* means Needle not selected

The instructions will therefore, start from the left end of the needle bed,

I = first needle selected, .=second needle not selected, etc.

S:DI.I-DII. knits rear: II.II.II.

2x1 rib frontl .11.11.


100 << S:DI.I-DII.: Y:2/3/4; T1 S1 S2 knits 2x1 rib.with 3 systems.

The direct.selection can contain up to 12 instructions. "DIIIIII...... " is a correct instruction. Instructions do not have to be divisible into 12.

Tucking with all needles


100 << S:R-R/P-R/R-P;    Y:2/5/6;  T1 S1 S2

T1 knits R-R

S1 tucks on all needles on the front, rear RR

S2 knits front RR, tucks on all needles on the rear.

Tucking is possible only in the cam systems S1 S2. T1 can only transfer or knit.

Stitch cam position


60 << S:R-R/R-O; Y:2/5;        NP3-4    S1  S2

NP3-4 means:               stitch cam position front 3, rear 4

NP1 means:                   only front 1

NP2 means:                   only rear 2

The stitch cam position is controlled by Sintral. Advice of an error would be given when e.g. a "counter stroke" would be required. (The stitch cam slide stands at 4 and should move from the same side to position 2).


NP0-0 means:             front high lift-rear high lift (0=ZER0)

NP0 means:                  only front high lift

NP-0 means:                 only rear high lift

NP01-0 means:             front high lift and position 1, rear only high lift

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