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CNCA -3KT. Programming manual.(Chapter 2)

2nd Example

60 <<   S: R-R/R-0; Y:2;                                  S1

70 >>                                                               S2

80 <<                                      Y:2/5:                S1 S2

90 >>                                                               S1 S2

In line 60: the "/" sign separates the instructions between the systems. "0" (zero) means: system out.

In line 60 only S1, system 1 leading is given:

<< S1 knits RR with feeder 2. System 2 (S2) is not given, should not work and is automatically switched "OFF". In line 70 only S2 (system 2 trailing) is given. This system takes the next part of the knitting directions, therefore "R-0" (front R and  rear  OUT)  and again   feeder 2. The feeder is automatically co-ordinated with  the system, which knits. S1 is not given in line 70, therefore, is automatically OUT. Lines 60 and 70 thus knit in "half tubular" with feeder 2 for one single system revolution.

In line 80 no new knitting instruction is given. The yarn feeders have a new selection -"Y: 2/5;"- and now double system half tubular is knitted with SI and S2.

S1  knits R-R   with  feeder 2 and

S2  knits  R-0   with   feeder 5 as  also in line 90

With the C.N.C.A.-3 the leading transfer system T1 can also be used for knitting.

Example of half tubular with three systems:

100  << S: R-R/R-0;  Y: 2/5/6;    T1   S1   S2

110 >>                                        T1   S1   S2

In line 100:

T1 knits R-R with feeder   2

S1 knits R-0 with feeder   5

S2 knits R-R with feeder   6

In line 110:

T1 knits R-0 with feeder   2

S1 knits R-R with feeder   5

S2 knits R-0 with  feeder   6

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