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CNCA -3KT. Programming manual.(Chapter 2)

Yarn feeder ground position

Line 50:

50 YG: 1346/123456;     C    YARN FEEDER GROUND POSITION

Line 50 defines the ground position of the yam feeders. "Y" is the abbreviation for "yarn feeder".

YG: means:                        Yarn   feeder ground position


YG: 6/2335; means, that the ground position of the yam feeders should be so: (the "/" sign separates left/right)

Left                             Right

 6                                  2




As Sintral controls the yarn feeders when knitting, we must define at the start of a programme, which yam feeders are "threaded up" and may be used, as well as on which side they stand.

If we try to use e.g. yam feeder 4 after "YG: 6/2335", then Sintral would advise us: "yarn feeder 4 missing".

"YG:" always stands at the start of a programme (after START), and defines the yarn feeders which may be used.Carriage direction Example:

60 << S:R-R;     Y:2/5;     S1   S2

70 >>                               S1   S2

<< means:   carriage direction from right to left

>> means:   carriage direction from left to right

<> means:   carriage direction optional

The carriage direction can be given, but need not be. If it is given, then it is checked by Sintral, whether it is correct. Always begin with "<< ".

Knitting instructions

S: means: knitting instruction, in the knitting instruction is given what the machine is to knit.

S: R-R means: Knit 1/1 rib (R) on the front

the sign separates "front-rear" of a cam system and knit 1/1 rib (R) on the rear.

The instruction: S: R-R; therefore, says, that 1/1 rib front and rear is to be knitted, but not however with which system. This missing instruction is SI and S2, therefore, with knitting system 1 (S1) and knitting system 2 (S2). Both knitting systems knit "R-R".

This division in a knitting instruction (S: R-R;) and in the instructs of which systems should knit (S1 S2) permits very simple and clearly arranged programming with Sintral.

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